I have the experience to lead our city of Kelowna to being the best, most beautiful mid-sized city in North America. During my 3 terms as councilor and 2 terms as Mayor I pursued the needs of our community relentlessly and diligently. With a number of new faces poised to join city council and facing a number of crucial initiatives, such as the revitalization of City Park, the development of the various town centres in Rutland, Glenmore and South Pandosy, the protection of our lakefront, the continued success of our business community, the growth of our technology sector, and the importance of our air and water quality, it is vital that we have leadership with the experience necessary to navigate the difficult waters ahead.


Over the years I have listened to issues, researched the details, and made policy decisions through a leadership style that takes into account the wide array of interests that defines our city. I have worked with groups that focus on children’s and parents needs, seniors, youth, neighbourhood associations, people with disabilities, developers, and those that want to enhance or bring new business to Kelowna.


I have the experience and the courage to lead Kelowna over the next 4 years to continue to grow intelligently, to be inclusive and to be accessible. I will strive for the highest quality of life for everyone as it is the values and inspiration of our citizens that will ultimately drive us. More…


I have worked diligently in building relationships with representatives of the university, college and school district, Interior Health, the various business sectors and development community, our adjoining communities and other levels of government. The past and on-going expansion of our university, airport, infrastructure, parks and multi-use pathways reflect these strong relationships. For the next four years I have identified a number of milestones in our pursuit of being the best community we can be. More…


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